Message of the Stars

From the day of January 15th 2005 on, missions were presaged to me, which I was supposed to write down and preach them to the people in this way from the day of March 1st 2005. I am forwarding you these missions in the very form I have received them. Therefore, I have neither revised them nor completed them. The title alone should indicate where they originate from.


The human being is endangered.

We are loosing the control over the issues. In fact, it is due to the comet, the negative traits of the cadgers of the obscurity are escalating in order to make them show their real face. Those who are good, eager for the Light and the Truth, the purity and goodness, will be enhanced by skills as to be able to receive various messages. You will be receiving these missions and be forwarding them to the people, because mediated by you, transmits him who holds the sword in his hands!


By the end of the year let people decide and start to render deeds of grace. Should they not, new catastrophes will happen, the climatic changes are doomed and quiescent volcanoes will come back to life...


Let people open their hearts to love, let them listen to the inner voice, because by the year comes to its end - in January, they will face the new selection, and the cadgers of the obscurity, those raising the arms against the God will be judged upon their deeds, because for your mistakes should you be judged.


Preach the people, the new era of the Eternal sentence will start as they refused the Sons of the God. Flood tides are only the beginning. Other catastrophes are coming about, striking those not following the road of the Light and the Truth. They do not shiver in the laws of the God. The disaster in the High Tatras was meant to be only a signal for the Slovak people, with the purpose of making them to wake up on time. It is the turn of Bratislava and Košice, false mothers of God and those praying them.


People, open your eyes and quit praying Holy Mary - the mother of Jesus! She has already been reincarnated, so as Judah was! Your prayers are barring her from her fulfilling the task, some of your thoughts are making her to sink and getting her tired to continue.

She ought to stand nearby Svanhild and support her. After Svanhild died, a marvelous shiny being visited her wearing a crown and asked her to help the New generation to continue their way, teach them how to live in conformity with the Eternal Law (Natalia de Lemeny - Makedonová - Eternal Law note of propagator). She should go on helping people and fulfil the missions she was sent to the Earth for.

However, it was the darkness which made Mary to hesitate again and the New generation was taken over by Judah, having been given the opportunity at Svanhild to purify himself and get rid of the burdensomeness which had made him suffer. After she died, his BRAIN managed to win again! He is interested only in money and under the mask of serving the Light he collects possession and makes fun of the blind ones, who support him in his sin and thus hand over their energy to the obscurity.


Bitterly will be punished those supporting vanity, those supporting obscure people, those advocating, under the mask of helping the Light, nonsense - punishment as for the prayers. Those who are blind and refuse to see the truth, will be punished with permanent blindness, because they help those who are not following the road of the Light and the Truth! They are not doing their best in spiritually enhancing others, they are not helping them! They focus only on their personal wealth. All of them will harshly suffer for barring the lucid servants sent over to the Earth in their mission.


Nobody, who consciously supports the obscurity, those letting themselves being manipulated by, Nobody will be saved!

People were endowed with free will and now we will see which way they have chosen. They have already failed many times, these are the days of their last chances for them to show which part they take, for them to stand straight and shiver the purity of the spirit.

Spread the message to the people, the day when I will come to judge them, I will consider all their sins and aberrancies against the Light. The stone will not remain on the stone. This time the obscurity will be destroyed right in its seed! These days are the last ones I am talking to the people. I will not give them other possibility to get other missions.

You will preach many other missions to the people, some of them will wake up and rise, with your help, to the lucid height, the others, those under the influence of and the manipulation by the obscurity, will hate, slur and attack.

This mission is unique in the sense that this is my last speech to the people. This is the very last time they have the possibility to remedy, the last possibility to get saved.

The next coming missions will be understood solely by very few, those chosen for by.

The mission has been received - written down. I now want to thank the God for letting me receive it this way and spread it through the people.